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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Kilburn Unemployed Workers Protest Unfair Employment and Support Allowance decisions

Kilburn Unemployed Workers demonstrated outside Neasden Jobcentre yesterday to highlight the scandal of Employment and Support Allowance, a benefit for the sick and disabled.

Entitlement to this benefit is decided by a medical examination outsourced to ATOS Medical who use a computer system, the Logic Integrated Medical Assessment (or LiMA) to produce medical reports with a minimum of human discretion or judgement.
Many, many people, who are clearly too sick to work are turned down for benefits under this system and face grueling appeal procedures to get the benefits they are entitled to.

Jodie Hart, who attended the demonstration explained the effect on her of being turned down for this benefit:

People like me, with memory problems, who are ill, we can’t cope with this, having our benefits stopping and starting. They push and push people and make us more ill. What they are doing is dangerous. People have breakdowns over things like this.

Kilburn Unemployed Workers will continue to fight Jodie's case and campaign against unfairness in the benefits system.
If you have any stories about Employment and Support Allowance, or any other benefit please do get in touch

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