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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

KUWG salutes and welcomes persistent LB Camden resident Gemma Sheridan

KUWG salutes persistent LB Camden resident Gemma Sheridan

KUWG newcomer Gemma Sheridan is in town and cyberspace, making her presence known as a mother with disabled 8 year old who will not simply be got rid of by LB Camden

And Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group is more than glad to have her as an activist. She is not only in KUWG to help herself but to operate for the common good! Unlike too many government ministers and council officials, she uses her intelligence to help and support other poor and vulnerable people.

Discover her blog that she created on her mum's laptop — hence the absence of her own name on her Google+ page or site
Solly Sheridan
Worked at unemployed.
Lives in the Borough of Camden

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