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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Digital jobcentres to heighten isolation and reduce solidarity?

I also reckon that it will tie in with the findings of Stanley Milgram's experiment into torture, that stated that torture is more easily delivered in terms of reducing the torturer's resistance to being inhumane, where the torturer has no real face-to-face contact with the victim of the torture.(2)

And now I see that the think tank known as 'Reform' has released a report entitled: The future of public services: digital jobcentres.(3)

I also notice that the pdf of the report bears the branding of 

So perhaps after global high stakes companies are found guilty of fraud, it seems, given the existence of dodgy American insurance company Unum — formerly Unum Provident — as advisers to successive UK governments on 'welfare reform' since 1994 despite an intervening record of fraud, there is still the potential to carry on uninterrupted as advisers to UK government on how to more fully screw up the lives of disadvantaged people?(5) (6)

Dude Swheatie of Kwug

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