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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

UK's new SATs scores and the impacts of 'austerity measures'

The BBC reports Almost half of primary schools miss new SATs [Standardised Assessment Tests] standards.(1)

Wembley Matters blogger Martin Francis is a retired head teacher who keeps up to date with classroom experience of teachers and learners. He reports on the new SATs scores as lived experience of teachers, learners and headteachers:

"On top of the stress children and teachers suffered in the Gradgrind weeks before the tests and the stress of the tests themselves which saw many children reduced to tears, I now hear of children feeling deeply distressed and despondent because they 'haven't reached the required level' — some have gone weeping to their headteachers seeking comfort...."(2)

I dread to think what added damage the SATs scores of Boundary House youngsters — whose stressful living conditions have been reported by Kate Belgrave — would be!(3)

Further, Revd Paul Nicolson of Taxpayers Against Poverty has long argued that the low levels of UK social security payments are detrimental to nutrition and brain development. (4)

In the words of the Euripides play 'The Trojan Women' adapted by Jean-Paul Sartre: "Those who give the order seldom see the mess it makes." In line with 'Underclass Theory' they would probably blame the genetics of the victims rather than their policies of excessive stress and not nearly enough support.(5) 

If those who set the impossible 'targets' cannot change their world view, we certainly require a change of government!  

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