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Friday, 8 July 2016

While KUWG is starting to draft a statement against the coup against elected Labour Party leader Corbyn ....

Yesterday's Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group meeting unanimously and enthusiastically supported a call for the drafting of a KUWG statement of support for elected Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn against a coup of Labour MPs and right wing lobbyists against his leadership. The drafting of that statement is likely to start in earnest next week. That statement basically will point to the non-party-political alignment of Kwug while Kwug members are members of diverse political parties and none.

Like, those right wingers and their lobbyist allies have been attacking us for years, while Jeremy Corbyn has been one of our greatest supporters; and how dare they accuse Jeremy of a lack of leadership when the vast bulk of those Labour MP rebels 'sat on their hands' as the Welfare Reform & Work Bill passed against your opposition and the opposition of the bulk of other opposition parties' votes....


And Jeremy Corbyn's opponents within the Parliamentary Labour Party and colluding with 'austerity government' Labour councils should realise that he was elected Labour Leader by a much greater populace than those on MPs' salaries; and in Jeremy Corbyn MP's support for vulnerable people, Kwug caseworkers who give their services out of a sense of solidarity rather than anything more than photocopying and postage type expenses have a great role model.

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