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Saturday, 23 July 2016

More about what Spark 2016 is about

From Spark 2016


Are you unhappy with your housing situation?… How does the criminal justice system effect you?…What educational alternatives are out there? How will we eat and procure food in the future? Who is resisting corporate and political power? Is it working? How could we build safe, caring, communities? Where can you express yourself fully?....



  1. I am very unhappy with my housing situation.
    I live in a flat owned by Metropolitan housing Association in wembley Park.
    it is inadequately insulated for noise pollution and so peace is impossible to enjoy day and night until all the neighbors go to sleep.
    Then there is a infestation of Moths which have made my life a misery and the Landlord has failed to deal with it despite countless pleas and phone calls.
    they claim to deliver a High quality service but I don't agree.
    the pavements are dirty each day,
    the bushes and trees are overgrown and walking space is cramped because of the excessive amount of cars on this road.
    its horrible and I feel let down because When Brent council decided to demolish The Old Chalk hill Estate,
    the tenants were promised that it would be regenerated and better than the conditions prior which were run down and horrible beyond words.
    now that so called regeneration has taken place,
    I don't feel that it is good enough.
    the quality of the estate is bog standard and poorly maintained.
    the only maintenance is exterior and superficial.
    and to make matters worse,
    the tenants are responsible for the cost of most of the repairs which are needed.
    and that of course suits the Landlord because they can't sit back and collect rent in return for quality housing and not have to pay for repairs.
    for good reason I feel that the tenants of Chalk hill estate have been let down and short changed by Brent council and Metropolitan housing Association.
    and to make matters worse Brent Housing Partnership also has a bad reputation when it comes to quality of service.
    I don't have much Time but I will say that my 72 year old mother has been treated appallingly by BHP
    they left her with a leaking roof for years which damaged the walls ruined the carpet in one of the rooms and made the house damp.
    and it was only cause I went back and forth to Brent Council before BHP finally pulled their finger out and fixed the roof.
    but now they are playing a waiting game by promising to fix the brickwork which workmen damaged when they were fixing the roof.
    and once again my poor mother is left in limbo week after week month after month as she waits for the repair to be done.
    and every now and then the head man Martin Crank will phone me and tell me how sorry he is and how he will "look into the complaint" and get it sorted.
    but of course nothing is done.
    so it has become a cycle in which my mum and I end up in the same place.
    We have both had enough but don't know who to turn to for assistance?
    there must be someone who can hold BHP and Brent council to account for their failure to honor their obligations and promises?

    1. Thanks for your comment, Anon.

      Apart from whatever help you might be able to get from Spark 2016, you could perhaps approach Brent-based A4R — Advice4Renters | Transforming private renting with legal advice and support services. Though A4R's focus is largely on the Private Rented Sector, they may at least be able to refer you to an organisation who could help you.

      This blog is also awaiting contact toward a guest blog post on this site from someone who said at last week's KUWG meeting that he is a researcher keen to set up a renter's union in North London.