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Monday, 25 July 2016

Waitrose, house prices and statistical surveys

Today's Telegraph states:

Living near Waitrose could add £38,666 to your house price, survey says(1)

The arrival of other supermarkets adds to house prices, but not so much, the same survey says. Might it in stead be the case that other supermarkets tend to target their newer stores at the less affluent areas? A 'chicken and egg' situation.

There is also the matter of enormous house price variations according to area and the public transport links in an area. In parts of LB Camden and other London boroughs, locals hate for a new supermarket to open in their midst because of all the added car traffic such things bring to their streets, for one thing, and a preference for the small local shopkeepers. The big supermarket companies so love lauding themselves over an area that huge parking fines are a small price to them for their reigning supreme.(2) 

In Belsize Park, for example, there was the case of Camden Council's Finance Chief Cllr Theo Blackwell accusing anti-supermarket protesters of being "too posh for Sainsbury's."(3) Besides, I was told by a friend and late N4 resident of the ridiculous situation of having two branches of 'Sainbury's Local' in Stroud Green Road, N4 with a 'Tesco Express' in between. (Rather like what Heathrow area MP John McDonnell said at a public meeting some years ago about the localism bill and the occurrence of local traffic bypasses: "We know what happens when you get a traffic bypass: you get Sainsbury's building a new out-of-town shop at one end, Tesco in the middle, and another big supermarket the other end" — or words to that effect.)

Anyhow, my late N4 resident friend observed that the local Sainsbury's Local and Tesco Express so ripped off customers that she got her milk much cheaper from the little corner store!

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