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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Anarchy vs Government terrorism? Also, party leadership elections

An earlier Kwug blob post refers to Theresa May as a Government terrorist: 'Hostage taking' by Government as an act of terrorism.(1) Perhaps electoral politics too often brings out the worst in people? Perhaps it depends on the political party involved?

What about anarchism? Anarchist Bookfair website reports:(2)

What is anarchism?

Like all really good ideas, anarchy is pretty simple when you get down to it. Human beings are at their very best when thy are living free of authority, deciding things among themselves, rather than being ordered about. That's what the word means: without government. Read on ....(3)
The author of this blog post is a Green Party member looking forward to voting in the Green Party of England & Wales leadership and deputy leadership elections shortly.(4) Joint-leadership candidate Jonathan Bartley (on a jobshare basis with Caroline Lucas MP) first entered politics in 1995 as part of the [paid] campaign team for John Major's Conservative Party leadership.(5) 

Jonathan Bartley has said of that episode that opposition to John Redwood was a major factor in why he wanted to support John Major! Over 20 years on from that, his politics have become much more positive; often reacting against what we don't like can be a great driving force for discovering what we do like. (Incidentally, the current issue of Private Eye says that John Redwood and Iain Duncan Smith are backing the same female candidate in opposition to Theresa May.)

There are other political parties within the Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group, and also we have anarchist friends and members. For further exploration of anarchism, there is the Anarchist Bookfair 2016 on 29 October from 10am to 7pm at Park View School, West Green Road, London N15 3QR.(6) Visiting that could help you broaden your mind even further whatever political party you are a member of, or whether you are 'non-party-politically inclined'.

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