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Thursday, 14 July 2016

#PIPFIGHTBACK: When Kim and the Kwuggies and numerous others marched on Crapita

Blog post by Kim the Kwuggie

Kwuggie-1, Kwuggie-2, Kwuggie-3, Kwuggie-4 and Kwuggie-5 marched with Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC), WinVisible and many more. Paula Peters was the compere/director of us marchers. It was fab. We blocked roads (as you would expect if following Paula), ranted outside Capita, DWP and Parliament, try to imagine Paula doing a Jack the Ripper tour "annd nnnow would you like to go to seee Theresa Maaay? Shaaall we go theeere then?!" 

There was also what Paula called an open mic. So many people spoke, Roger Lewis who we know well and Kwuggie-1 who we know even better, sometimes.

Kwuggie-1 spoke about people who had been before PIP assessors and although obviously ill they were failed. He had quite a few case histories to relate. He briefly mentioned his own case, where in pain, he had lain on the floor and the assessor took no notice. However his distress really intensified as he announced that 'today [Wednesday 13 July] is a very sad occasion as...it is the last time we can sing David Cameron is a wanker!' and with no further prompting the crowd burst into song, everybody knew the words of course.

My fave photo from the day is the one of Kwuggie-3 crossing the road in her purple coat, her skirt really looks like leopard print. Put your shoes away Tess! Here comes Kuwg's former treasurer!
Kwuggie-3 in 'leopard skin print' closing in on 'poverty pimps' Crapita
Names on the back of a 'Wish you were here! postcard: Kwuggie-6, Kwuggie-7 and Kwuggie-8.

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