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Saturday, 2 July 2016

'Minister for Bins' Letwin to head 'Brexit Unit'

David Cameron has appointed Conservative right-wing MP Oliver Letwin to head up a 'Brexit Unit' to handle negotiations for the terms on which Britain leaves the EU.(1)

What kind of 'Brexit negotiations' would you expect from Oliver Letwin MP's involvement?

Perhaps we can get a flavour of his long-held racist opinions from revelations that emerged in 2015, thirty years after he had made the statements regarding rioting among Britain's black communities?(2) Those views had been embargoed from public consumption of Cabinet papers for 30 years before publication and his eventual apology under public pressure.

The Independent has highlighted the racism of those statements the now-Dorset West MP made in tandem with Conservative aide Vernon Hartley Booth. Letwin later apologised for those statements.(3) But what depth can such apologies for "badly worded and wrong" comments have from a Member of Parliament supposed to represent the views of all constituents when he has gained such notoriety for binning constituents' correspondence that was 'weighing [him] down' into a park bin, that he has been dubbed 'Minister for Bins'.(4) (5)

As Green Party Member of the European Parliament for the South-West England region in which Letwin's Dorset-West parliamentary seat is based has commented in an open letter to David Cameron, Letwin's appointment is very 'divisive'.(6) And of course, he was a supporter of the much-hated 'poll tax' that led white people to riot after he had inferred that it was not possible for white people to riot!

Dude Swheatie also notes that confidential papers related to Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group casework are shredded before binning, and only after making the attempt to lighten the burdens of those who come to us for assistance. That is unlike how Devon West MP processed the constituents' confidential and sensitive papers that he said were 'weighing him down', and for much less than £120K MP's salary. He would, though, surely have preferred the 30 year old Cabinet papers exposing his racism to have never met the public eye.

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