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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Notice of a meeting on Citizen's Income, and of a petition deadline

Anne Gray, author of a book on workfare, writes:

 If you agree with national Green Party policy in advocating a citizen's income, please sign this international petition to ask the European Commission to study the possibility of a Europe-wide one. Deadline is MONDAY. Also a potentially interesting meeting on March 4.

 From: Citizen's Income Trust <info@citizensincome.org>
Date: Thu, Jan 9, 2014 at 9:54 AM
Subject: Notice of a meeting on Citizen's Income, and of a petition deadline
To: info@citizensincome.org

Dear Citizen’s Income Newsletter reader:
I normally only write to you when a new Citizen’s Income Newsletter appears on our website. As the next Newsletter will not be published until February I thought that you might like notice of a meeting date and also a reminder of a petition deadline.
Tuesday 4th March: a meeting at the House of Commons
On the evening of Tuesday 4th March there will be a meeting at the House of Commons on Citizen’s Income. This will be one of a series of meetings held as part of John McDonnell MP’s People’s Parliament initiative.
If you would like to attend then please let me know and I shall then send you further details as soon as they become available.
The European Citizens’ Initiative
Many of you will already be aware of the European Citizen’s Initiative on Universal Basic Income. This is a petition that asks the European Parliament to study a Citizen’s Income and the options for funding it. If the petition gathers a million signatures across the European Union, with minimum numbers in seven states, then the European Parliament is obliged to debate the proposal.
The deadline for signing the petition is this Monday.
You will find a link to the petition on the home page of our website.
I shall write to you again when the next Citizen’s Income Newsletter is available.
With best wishes
Malcolm Torry
Dr. Malcolm Torry, Director, Citizen’s Income Trust

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