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Friday, 3 June 2016

Z2K looks beyond a minister's 'blame the claimant' game to the roots of PIP appeal evidence matters

Z2K is the acronym of 'justice for vulnerable debtors' charity Zacchaeus 2000. Z2K was co-founded by Revd Paul Nicolson who has since founded campaigning organisation Taxpayers Against Poverty. From its origins as an anti-poll tax organisation, they were first registered as a charity in 1997 with Revd Paul Nicolson as volunteer until sufficient money could be raised to pay for staff from 2007.(1)

Z2K now help "over 1,000 clients annually with a variety of debt and benefit related problems. You can read more about [their] work here,(2) meet [their] staff here(3) and see [their] help and advice section here.(4)" KUWG caseworkers are really glad of Z2K's existence and refer more specialist cases to Z2K because of Z2K's much broader range of competences — especially when those cases relate to the City of Westminster.

Anyhow, as experts, Z2K workers produce very incisive blog pieces. The latest by Z2K Campaigns Organiser Sam Ashton(5) delves into the practical realities involved in Personal Independence Payments claimants' success at the tribunal stage in overturning Department for Work & Pensions decisions against the claimant. Minister for Disabled People Justin Tomlinson told Parliament that the root problem behind the claimant's initial failure is generally that the claimant has not supplied enough evidence. Sam Ashton looks into the practicalities involved in the claimant's evidence gathering, such as being charged for evidence letters. Begin reading Personal Independence Payments and 'additional' evidence.(6)


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