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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Thurs 23 June Kilburn Jcp demo for Tony Cox and welfare advocacy rained off

The blog administrator gives belated apologies for cancellation of today's much publicised Kilburn demo in support of Tony Cox and welfare advocates everywhere.

This was the sequence of events for the morning from the blog administrator's point of view:

  1. Breakfasted and toileted from about 08:00. While still recovering from recent bout of debilitating illness, felt just about okay for attending while the weather seemed extremely dodgy
  2. Turned mobile on about 08:30 to check for any incoming SMS [text messages]. (Mobile turned off most of the time when not in use to save very weak battery power of supplied battery for Doro EasyPhone.) No messages received by departure time
  3. Departed 09:05, forgetting to pick up mobile and encountered two train cancellations plus further 10 minute delay
  4. Arrived Kilburn Jcp about 10:00, seeing no Kwuggies present but weather settled into easing off from raining, and remained a further 15 minutes with no sign of anyone else turning up for demo
  5. Arrived home much later to discover SMS on mobile stating: "Due to rain and thunder, leafleting called off. Don't know if you could mention it on blog?"
Well, it is now mentioned, albeit very belatedly with the blog administrator's apologies.

And another Kwuggie had emailed Scottish Unemployed Workers Network:

Dear SUWN,
Regrettably, the stormy wet weather has forced us to cancel our support for Tony Cox. We shall not be outside Kilburn JCP this morning but we are certainly thinking of him.
We wish Tony and SUWN very good luck!


Global warming creates more storms and upsets; yet one of its worst aspects is its precarity, making weather forecasting much more unreliable.

It would seem therefore to this blog administrator that activist groups need to consider investing in weather gear and weather-resistant leaflets.

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  1. After uploading the late on 23 June blog post Kilburn Unemployed members sing the praises of Tony Cox and welfare advocates everywhere, the blog administrator added to the correspondence to SUWN:

    "I would say that to be more precise, in reality, our support for Tony is undaunted; it's just that the format of our support had to change.

    "Along those lines, we offer

    "Blog administrator"

    To which SUWN replied:

    "And your solidarity is very much appreciated. Hoping to see some of you at the Boycott Workfare meeting in Manchester...?

    "Not good news from the court, I'm afraid: Class 'Justice'.