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Monday, 20 June 2016

BBC News reportage of the EU referendum vs its reportage of the Housing and Planning Bill 2016

A Google search of items related to the "EU referendum" on the BBC News website reveals 1,430,000 results at present:
About 1,430,000 results (0.98 seconds) (1)
A Google search of items related to 'housing' on the BBC News website reveals just 380,000 results:
About 380,000 results (0.64 seconds) (2)
A Google search of items related to "housing bill" 2016 reveals just 212 resuls:
About 212 results (0.63 seconds) (3)
A major thrust of the Vote Leave / 'Brexit' camp in this EU referendum has been that laws made 'in Brussels' have little or no scrutiny from within the UK. Yet if "democracy presupposes knowledge" has the BBC's focus on the EU referendum to the virtual exclusion of the Housing & Planning Bill 2016 contributed to a stifling of debate about its contents prior to the passing into UK law of the Housing & Planning Act 2016 last week?

The EU has brought some measure of Proportional Representation to UK politics. Has the debate about EU referendum matters obscured mainstream public debate about the Housing & Planning Bill 2016 to the point that it has been passed against the interests of vulnerable people by a very lopsided 'winner takes all' lopsided Parliament that was elected by a 'first past the post system' that the EU did not impose upon us? 

And has the British Broadcasting Corporation's bias eclipsed potential scrutiny of those already marginalised by a diet of 'home owner TV'?

Links — note: results are likely to vary through time; your results from clicking these links are likely to differ depending on when you do the searching

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