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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Support Revd Paul Nicolson at Tottenham Magistrates Court, Weds 15 June at 10am

Taxpayers Against Poverty-founder Revd Paul Nicolson reports:

Dear all,
​I have been summoned to the Tottenham Magistrates Court for non​-payment of council tax to the London Borough of Haringey on Wednesday 15th June at 10 am. I will be attending the court.

​It would be great if there could be a supporting demo at the same time on that day for photos and statements....

Tottenham Magistrates Court is at
The Court House
Lordship Lane
N17 6RT

For further details, go to


Interactive 'how to get there' details available from Transport for London 'Plan a Journey' website at https://tfl.gov.uk/plan-a-journey/ and Streetmap http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?x=533569&y=190573&z=0&sv=N17+6RT&st=2&pc=N17+6RT&mapp=map.srf&searchp=ids.srf

Revd Paul Nicolson thinks globally and acts locally, and so this action warrants the support of people outside LB Haringey who oppose the economic injustice of poverty. And in Ewan MacColl's song Ballad of the Carpenter, there is the line, "He knew that wealth and poverty live always side by side."

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