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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Join 'refusenik' Revd Paul Nicolson at Tottenham Magistrates Court, Wed 15 June at 10am for economic justice

As previously announced on this blog, KUWG will be backing Revd Paul Nicolson when he appears at 
Tottenham Magistrates CourtThe Court HouseLordship LaneTottenhamLondon N17 6RT (Location map: http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?x=533569&y=190573&z=0&sv=N17+6RT&st=2&pc=N17+6RT&mapp=map.srf&searchp=ids.srf)
on Wednesday 15 June 2016 (tomorrow!) at 10am. [The previous announcements on this blog:
  1. Support Revd Paul Nicolson at Tottenham Magistrates Court, Weds 15 June at 10am(1) 
  2. Placards in support of Revd Paul Nicolson's Council Tax defiance against LB Haringey(2)
  3. Media notice re Revd Paul Nicolson's defiance of illegitimate Council Tax levying(3)

This is alongside others supporting his aims of social and economic justice. The weather prospects for the day may not be brilliant for a demonstration outside the Court House, but that may be all the more reason for those in support of the 'Refusenik Revd' to enter the court — peacefully, of course. Just think of the impact that that may have in terms of 'justice being done — or not, as the case may be — and the fact that there will be witnesses present to what happens in that magistrates court. KUWG's branding 'strap line' or 'golden rule' is, "Never attend anywhere official alone," and officialdom regards the people facing them differently when the accompaniers really attend the building rather than just leave the person called before offialdom after helping them to arrive at the building.

(Compare this with U. Glasgow Law Professor Dr David Webster's observations regarding how benefit sanctions are applied as 'Britain's secret secret penal system'.(4))

Two members of the KUWG have committed themselves to attending physically in support of the 'Refusenik Revd'. Other 'Kwuggies' will be 'with him in spirit' as they take part in the direct action of helping people with their cases, some of which involve contesting the 'secret penal system' that is the application of benefit sanctions by bureaucrats who — as the U. Glasgow law professor has pointed out — have never faced the people sentenced to devastating loss of basic income.

As an ending note to this blog post, demonstrations can be great networking opportunities — though talking between members of the public inside the Court Room while the Court is in session is likely to be pounced upon heavily! It is also cogent to mention that at this time of writing, Revd Paul Nicolson's 2014 article What councils don't tell you about the enforcement of Council Tax has, to date, attracted 437 viewings to this blog, making it the 5th all time 'biggest hit' on the Kilburn Unemployed blog.(5)

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  1. Thanks to the Twitter feed on Kate Belgrave | Talking with people dealing with public sector cuts for highlighting a piece in today's Guardian relating to Revd Paul Nicolson's case. That appears under Kate's Twitter-feed tag in the right hand navigation margin, where she uses the Twitter 'tag' 'HANGBITCH'.

    For that Guardian article, and to benefit from Kate's archives, go to Kate Belgrave | Talking with people dealing with public sector cuts and look up the headline that begins 'More freeloaders than free market....'