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Friday, 10 June 2016

DWP dirty tricks update 10 June 2016

KUWG casework sessions frequently hear of creeping developments regarding the antics of the very creepy Department for Work & Pensions. Our friends at Z2K have a new blog piece that characterises one of the latest DWP dirty tricks.(1) It really does seem that they may be factoring in 'claim closure due to claimant death' as a favourable, 'cost saving' outcome!

And our friend Kate Belgrave has a new blog piece along similar lines at Sentinel News.(2)

Meanwhile, as these things seem to be operating unofficially in that creepy sort of way where those who give the orders will deny that they have given the orders, Disability News Service has a comment piece by John Pring on the operations of the DWP Press Office and the art of facts avoidance.(3)

But to emphasise that under-reported crimes of the DWP are nothing new-and-entirely-Conservative-Party-originated, there is this Community Care magazine report from 2006 before the banks collapse. Jobcentre Plus: poor service continues.(4)


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