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Friday, 17 January 2014

Rev'd Paul Nicolson's complaint to OFCOM about Benefits Street

Demo against 'Benefits Street' makers 'Love Productions', Monday 13 January 2014

KUWG was there!

"I have been working with benefit claimants over 20 years and am the founder of Zacchaeus 2000 trust, and Taxpayers Against Poverty. Benefits Street is very unfair to the 5 million unemployed benefit claimants who since April 2013 have suffered worsening poverty, due to one or several of caps, cuts and council tax. The program does not set out arithmetic of the debt creating reduction of JSA, IS, ESA, child benefits by rent and council tax which creates rent and council tax arrears, threats of eviction , bailiffs, prison against people and families who genuinely cannot pay. It shows the chaotic consequences of the government's austerity package in the lives of very few claimants but does not show the details of the way it reduces incomes and creates unmanageable debts and misery for a vast majority of claimants. I can provide those details."

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