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Monday, 27 January 2014

Guest Blog: Amanda Jacobs 4 weeks' holiday per year is an EU right, not a red tape imposition

KUWG members on a 1-day-break
I like my holidays to escape these grey shores and so when I'm able to work, I really treasure my annual leave. In the UK, we're all entitled to four weeks’ paid holiday a year (plus bank holidays).

That right actually comes from Europe, not UK legislation. It’s from the same piece of European law that also guarantees us lunch and rest breaks and stops us being forced to work too many hours.

Surprise surprise - some Tories don’t think that law is good for Britain: they think it’s ‘costly’, ‘red tape’ and a ‘burden’ and that we'd all be better chained to our PCs all day and at weekends.

A group of businesses and employers has called for the law to be scrapped and 95 Tory MPs are calling for the UK to have a veto on all European laws, so that they can “lift EU burdens on business”.
  Cameron is trying to negotiate in Europe for a new arrangement. He wants to “restore social and employment legislation to national control.” If he gets his way, Tory MPs and many businesses will be lining up to call for our rights to be watered down. Whose side are they on?

I’ve just signed a letter to our beloved PM to say our rights at work are not ‘red tape’, they’re essential. I'd be really grateful if you'd consider signing it too, regardless of the fact that some of you lucky people are no longer in the daily grind.  Go to:


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