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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

'Hostage taking' by Government as an act of terrorism

Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group's 'Kwug blog' has previously published a post from an EU national among our membership regarding how her exclusion from voting rights in the recent UK EU Referendum alienated her and a great many others.(1) Now, it seems, Conservative Party front-runner Theresa May is turning 

  • from Home Secretary charged with securing the safety off all who are within Britain's shores
  • to international terrorist as hostage taker regarding UK Brexit negotiations

London Green Left blogger Mike Shaughnessy reports — EU Nationals Must be Allowed to Stay in the UK:
Theresa May, the Home Secretary and front runner to be Tory Party leader and next Prime Minister, says that she cannot guarantee that European nationals already living in the UK, will be allowed to remain in the country. Apparently, their fate is to be part of the UK’s  negotiating position, together with UK nationals living in EU countries.

There are around 1.2 million UK nationals living in the EU and around 3 million EU nationals living in the UK. The other candidates for the leadership of the Tory Party have said that May is using them as ‘bargaining chip,’ which I think is a pretty accurate description of May’s attitude to the whole issue of our exit negotiations from the EU.(2)
Yes, I do say that this is international terrorism. It is reminiscent of legendary American trade unionist and singer-songwriter Woody Guthrie's observation: "Some will rob you with a six-gun; some with a fountain pen."(3) "First they stole our benefits entitlements...."

Maybe, whatever constitutional law the Cameron Government has sneaked in precluding the possibility of a November UK General Election to sort out the basis of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales negotiations with the EU regarding whether we 'stay' or 'go', and moreover, whether 'hostage taking' is ever justified? (4) (5)

Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group as benefit claimants and allies of benefit claimants already know at personal and collective levels what damage the benefit sanctions 'hostage taking' régime does to vulnerable people, as does Glasgow University law professor Dr David Webster on the macro, statistical level.(6)

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