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Friday, 15 December 2017

Leaflet for protesting and Alternative Carol singing by KUWG outside DWP HQ Caxton Hse, SW1H 9NA, Mon 18 Dec 2017

Leaflet for protesting and Alternative Carol singing by KUWG outside DWP HQ Caxton House, 12 Tothill Street, SW1H 9NA Monday 18th December 2017, 2pm-3pm

Still confronting the 'Rotten Rulers' ru(i)nning our lives, especially this Xmas. 

Workers at the Rotten Caxton House have told us when we have leafleted that awful place that they are only pushing thru policies set by their bosses, and don’t agree with them. The Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group are on the side of Workers and the PCS Union, and know it’s the vile ‘ideas’ of people like IDS (who resigned due to his own rottenness being too much for his own Tory MPs) which are still being pushed hard by the likes of extremely ambitious planks like David Gauke. He is on Huffington Post video expressing his greasy desire to be Chancellor. Wotta Rotter!
He was a Parliamentary candidate for Brent East in 2010 and lost so he’s not a total ‘winner’ and amongst the proposed nationwide jobcentre closures, Kilburn and Neasden, which were in that old constituency, are included in the list, so proof he doesn’t form attachments to places which get in the way of his ambitions. His sidekick Damian Hinds-is booted into the Commons when Gauke is too ‘busy’ to show his face...not that anybody wants to see that face of his. When reading Hansard, one easily sees how Gauke and Hinds twist themselves into answers that are only logical to themselves. For instance jobcentres are being closed because Universal Credit online is such a success, not so many JCPs needed. But when people have problems with UC they say there will be “Work Coaches” in jobcentres on hand to help. Completely contradictory! They have no shame!! Numb-Skulls!!
On Universal Credit the Tories have put an extra £1.5 billion in to help, but the 7 day wait was the government stealing money from the poorest people in Britain...bit like a burglar being caught taking your goods & handing them back but saying they are giving them to you as they are so  kind.
Universal Credit Implementers like Janice Hartley and Neil Couling have actually been given CBEs! What sort of world is this? Harvey Weinstein has a CBE too by the way...so has the new Minister of Defence Gavin Williamson...he’s the guy whose CBE was controversially given to him from the coward David Cameron in his resigning Honours List...nobody seems to know why...although suspected of Cronyism. Williamson is now ‘confident’ enough to be claiming ISIS Terrorists (who kill people without due process) should be killed on sight (without due process). Does seem that this Tory Government is a group of Psychopaths, who make laws, while disregarding laws like the Geneva Convention. The United Nations have reported that Britain is treating disabled people in an awful way...wotta lorra rot we got ‘in charge’. Stingy Scrooges still only giving 10 quid extra for Xmas!
David Davis stutters on providing Impact Studies regarding Brexit...when any organisation researches possibilities that may occur in the future. Gauke and Hinds refused Equality Impact Studies on Jobcentre closures, stating they will produce them AFTER the closures have happened!? Gauke is also reluctant to hand over DWP analysis on the history of implementing Universal Credit to the public. It is the PUBLIC that pays his wages & has paid for the reports. Gauke, like IDS, should resign, with Hinds, Hartley and Couling, and CBEs should be stripped off the people mentioned, or do they want to stay in the same realm as Weinstein? And let’s stop Patronage and Cronyism which is NOT part of a real Meritocracy. Workers, whether waged or not, should stick together and next time Gauke is too busy to talk at the House of Commons, transport him there in a Gramsci Wheelbarrow!!
Imagine these Ministers’ Christmases, compared to Claimants on Universal Credit this year!


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