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Monday, 24 January 2011

Support grows for Tenants

Angry tenants are building a big national protest on 15th Feb at Government attacks on secure tenancies, rents and housing benefit.
Fifty tenants from Leeds, others from Manchester, Sheffield, Scarborough, Cambridge, Harlow, Welwyn Hatfield, and all parts of London are already signed up for a day of protest with a mass lobby and rally at Westminster.
Anger at Government's attacks on tenants intensified when the Localism Bill had its second reading last week, before consultation on its controversial proposals had closed. DCH response to proposals for fixed term tenancies and means testing for future council tenants, condemns the sham Consultation and exposes the false promise of protection for existing council tenants, which the Bill does not deliver.
See a round up of other responses and send us your organisation's response. What you can do
Pass a resolution to support 15th Feb lobby
Contact tenants, trade unions, and councillors for a joint delegation to Parliament on 15th Feb
Contact your MP and arrange to meet them at the rally or at Parliament
Organise a local meeting and call on local Councils to oppose fixed term tenancies and 80% market rents and any evictions due to housing benefit cuts.

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