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Monday, 24 January 2011

A press release issued by our local MP

Please see below a press release issued by Hampstead & Kilburn MP Glenda Jackson.


Glenda Jackson, Labour Member of Parliament for Hampstead & Kilburn, today slammed local government cuts as an attempt to destroy the welfare state through the back door.

Glenda said:

“ Councils provide many of the frontline services we all rely on, and protect some of the most vulnerable in our community. The latest cuts to their budgets are of such a scale, they have no choice but to stop providing some services altogether.

Up and down the country, Councils of all political colours are having to make cuts and increase charges to balance the books, and as usual it will be the most vulnerable – children and the elderly; the disabled and mentally ill – who will suffer most. These cuts are an attack on our community.”

Claims by government ministers that local government cuts are designed to reduce waste have also been rejected as a smokescreen by Ms Jackson.

“Ministers are playing a blame game, trying to argue these cuts are about executive pay or backroom efficiency, but the sums don’t add up.

The Borough of Brent which forms part of my constituency faces cuts of £37million next year alone. They could fire every senior manager in the Council and only save a fraction of that amount. It’s obvious these cuts are about dismantling the welfare state.

Ministers should stop trying to mislead the public, and come clean about their right-wing agenda.”

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