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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Supporting and commemorating sanctions fodder

Text by Dude Swheatie of Kwug. Photos by Kwug members and Peter Murry of Brent Green Party.

On Wednesday 7 April 2015 KUWG members were joined outside Kilburn Jobcentre by members of Brent Green Party in supporting the recently JSA sanctioned Elisabet and commemorating the sanctions-and-eviction-related suicide of former Kilburn Jobcentre customer Nygell Firminger. We were also joined by local police after jobcentre managers complained that we were disturbing both staff and customers by being too loud in our protest.

KUWG and Brent Green Party members affirm that sanctions lower the claimant count ...
and sanctions fodder face huge deficits!
'Police, camera, action' Kwug style!
"But aren't you concerned, Mr Policeman, that the jobcentre are robbing us?"

Commemorating a 'welfare reform' related suicide

Nygell Firminger: Worker & Jobseeker killed himself at 32a Cambridge Ave, 3 April 2012

By typical coincidence, the police arrival came just as we were packing up to move down the road to symbolically install a memorial placque outside the 32a Cambridge Ave flat where Nygell Firminger had committed suicide on 3 April 2012 had died the day before a 'group session' at Kilburn Jobcentre.

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