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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Hustings Questions we might ask

1. Financial blackmail vs Funding natual immunity

The Australian Prime Minister has declared that families refusing to vaccinate their children should have their childcare benefits stopped in a 'no jab, no pay' policy.

Given that vaccination actually lowers people's natural immunity to a gamut of diseases and that this combination of a chemical cosh with a fiscal cosh puts society more into the clutches of Big Pharma, would it not be better for national health to ensure that benefit levels are sufficient to strengthen people's immune systems against a broad variety of diseases than to add to the risk of poverty?

2. Preparation of key decision makers to decide wisely

Disabled jobseekers and poor disabled people and carers in general are fed up of having their lives dictated by the ignorance and bigotry of investment bankers and others who talk of 'hardworking families' obsessively.

What will your party do to resource the UK's adoption of the UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities?

3. Independent Living Fund integral to Inclusive Society. Discuss

Do you intend to restore the Independent living fund?

4. UK Benefit Levels

Given that state benefits are already supposed to be giving people just the minimum amount of money they need to live on
  1. Will you vote to repeal the Bedroom Tax? 
    1. Will you cancel all debt accruing to tenants because of this unworkable policy?
  2. Will you vote to restore full council tax relief for people on benefits? 
    1. Will you cancel all debt accruing to tenants because of this unworkable policy?

5. Reviewing UK benefit levels

The European Committee of Social Rights declared last year:"The Committee  concludes that the situation in United Kingdom is not in conformity with Article12§1 of the (European Social) Charter on the ground that: 
  1. the minimum levels of short-term and long-term incapacity benefit is manifestly inadequate; 
  2. the minimum level of state pension is manifestly inadequate; 
  3. the minimum level of job seeker’s allowance is manifestly inadequate"
Manifestly Inadequate means that people are not getting enough money to live on.
What do you intend to do about this?

6. Funding of Parliamentary candidates and their Parties, and benefits to investors

 Who are the main funders of your parliamentary campaign and/or your political party, and what do they stand to gain at voters' expense from their investment?

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