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Friday, 1 May 2015

KUWG and others vs Jess' eviction

Jess with defiant throng outside her flat in December 2014

Jess reports on the anti-eviction event at Gloucester House on the South Kilburn Estate and Brent Housing Partnership's response:

I got help to stay in my home from Community Organisers and the KUWG group in NW6 when last December Brent Housing Partnership staff came to evict me with a Bailiff. We resisted the eviction by standing in front of the door. By doing this I was able to peacefully defend my right to housing.

At a recent meeting with Brent Housing Partnershiip I was told they will be using other methods to remove me next time.

"It strikes me that a way of looking at the criminalising of subletting of council flats is that it deflects attention away from Parliament's abnegation of the responsibility to invest in house building while taxpayer-funded 'Right-to-Buy' legislation has depleted the housing stock far more than subletting has ever done.

"And on 7 May 2015 there is a UK General Election in which such housing and homelessness realities should be highlighted."

— Alan Wheatley, from KUWG

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