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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Council Tax scandal

From Revd Paul Nicolson of Taxpayers Against Poverty

EVERY ONE SHOULD SEND A COPY OF "Council tax support;  the continuing story"



"Council Tax Support - the continuing story" was published by the Local Government Association in January 2015. They call on the new government to fully fund council tax support, acknowledging that the current scheme costs the councils millions of pounds and has increased the cost of living for some of the poorest..
They estimate that councils will have lost £1 billion over the three years since April 2013 when they dumped the the whole of the 10% cut in central government funding of council tax benefit on benefit claimants by taxing their poverty incomes in work and unemployment.
Over three million late and non payers are still being summoned to the Magistrates courts in England and Wales every year thousands at a time, adding court costs while threatening the bailiffs and prison to residents who cannot pay the tax.
A council tax scandal.  

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PS I also strongly recommend a read of this important research from Harvard University USA.. As Ian Duncan Smith renews his reign at the DWP it is time for him to ask what is wrong with his perspective on poverty rather than base policies on the assumption that poverty is the fault of his poorest fellow citizens.

from the Rev Paul Nicolson​
Taxpayers Against Poverty
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