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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Hampstead & Kilburn UKIP candidate update

By Dude Swheatie of Kwug

The Hampstaead & Kilburn hustings on Monday 20 April at UCL Academy organised by KUWG with the Somali Cultural Association and Winch Youth Project there were Conservative, Green Party, Labour and Lib Dem candidates but not UKIP candidate Magnus Nielsen. I asked about his absence and was told that he had been invited but not turned up.

I concluded that he wanted nothing to do with the Somali Cultural Association and clearly wanted to conserve his energies. And having heard him speak at one or two hustings, I had thought that before some audiences at hustings in Brent, the Conservative and the UKIP candidates gave themselves 'enough rope to hang themselves' electorally once they took up an invitation to speak. Eg, the Tory candidate for Brent Central had said that if zero hours contracts were abolished, gone would be one of the avenues of Conservative job-creation.

Now, Magnus Nielsen has clearly exposed Isalmophobic tendencies in an 'incendiary' writing comparing Islam to carbon monoxide poisoning, as outlined on Martin Francis' Wembly Matters blog with assistance of the Camden New Journal. Martin had already encountered a full frontal attack from the UKIP agent for Brent Central constituency, describing Martin as a 'dangerous left wing extremist' and Brent Central Green Party candidate Shahrar Ali as an 'anti-Semite'.

Hampstead & Kilburn UKIP candidate attacks Islam and admires former EDL leader (1)


'Cease and Desist' UKIP threat against Wembley Mat


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