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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Manipulable rubber stamp for CEO?

By Dude Swheatie of Kwug

Residents confront Cllr Muhammed Butt outside Willesden Magistrates
Members of KUWG and others confronted Brent's council leader in March 2014. Photo: Kilburn Times

Brent Council has decided on over £50m cuts for the coming financial new year 2015/16. Now it is advertising for an axeperson or Chief Executive to replace the one they sacked a while ago.

What kind of qualities would such a post holder need? Bear in mind that when people's homes and livelihoods are at stake with such savage cuts, council staff's prospective plea of, "I/we was/were only following orders" is not as good a defence as, "I refuse to carry out inhumane orders that sacrifice lives to the false god of 'austerity'."

As Wembley Matters blogger Martin Francis says of the way that the 'fit' between the current Council Leader's profile and what the Chief Executive needs to be like,
So much emphasis on the 'leader' and his qualities suggests an expectation that Muhammed Butt will be around for a while yet... 
 And all this job pack stuff suggests how much more friendly Brent Council is to global corporations than it is to vulnerable families, adults with learning difficulties and adventure playgrounds as seed beds for true community.
The job ad posted on the Brent Council website

I don't think anyone from Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group will be applying, except possibly as a 'filler' for the stupid quotas of numbers of jobs to apply for each week so as not to be sanciloned.

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  1. I do hope people from KUWG apply. If appointed I am sure you would 'have an impact from day one, both within and beyond the Council.' Bring it on!