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Monday, 2 March 2015

Brent Fightback vs budget cuts 6:30pm Mon 02-03-15 at Brent Civic Centre

Brent Fightback leaflet outlining what's at stake

Post code map of Brent Civic Centre, Engineers Way, Wembley HA9 0FJ
How to get there by public transport

Dude Swheatie's placard ideas for the occasion

Placard: Freedom of speech vs 'austerity'
Brent Council pays consultants' fees. It would pay democracy in LB Brent for the Council to act upon the wishes of the people of Brent.
Placard: A&E meltdown is just a symptom
 Vulnerable people denied proper services have been blamed for A&E meltdown. Hospital closures and insufficient community supports are really to blame for the problem.
Placard: Quality services combat inequality
 An excellent example of a quality service is the Council-funded Over 50's Fitness (Free and Fun) class. Such services help keep people independent for longer. Brent needs more such services, not less. And cutting youth services sets people up for failure.
Placard: Quality services, not 'pee and feed' care
 Care shifts for vulnerable people at 30 minutes per shift are already demeaning and inadequate for both 'service users' and paid carers and give family careers no real respite. (Paid carers are only paid for contact time with 'service users' or clients, and do not get paid travel expenses or for the time taken to get from one shift to the next. Meanwhile the agencies involved get about as great a portion of what they charge the Council as the care worker gets in gross pay.)

And Butt's budget would cut the contact times to 15 minute sessions.

Placard: Brent's 'savings' slaughter services
 'Austerity' is not in the public interest. In 1979 the Thatcher Government was brought in on the back of 'Britain is not working!' dole queue posters from Saatchi & Saatchi. More recently, long queues outside Citizens Advice Bureaux have witnessed central and local government attacks on poor people. More recently still, CABx have closed, removing that evidence of system failure from clear public view.

And Brent's closure of Stonebridge Adventure Playground that serves the whole borough and day centres for adults with learning difficulties would leave even more people's silent screams for help unanswered. And that is even befor the impact of the so-called 'Universal Credit' hits Brent!

Kate Belgrave gives a prime example of how adults with learning difficulties are already treated at jobcentre: Jobcentre to man with learning difficulties: Do as we say, or we'll make you sign on more often!
Placard: Stop cuts budgets here!

Placard: Land sold off, secure tenants sold out!
Perhaps Butt's cuts budget will only serve offshore landlords who are keen on using former council housing stock as gambling chips?
Placard: Cancel 'austerity' — not tenancies!

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