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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Kate Belgrave asks:When will the #PCS leadership act to stop #sanctions?

Kate Belgrave asks:When will the #PCS leadership act to stop #sanctions?

Forwarding note by Swheatie of the KUWG: While forwarding the link below, I note that yesterday I attended a Department for Work & Pensions 'Customer Compliance Section' interview at Kentish Town Jobcentre, where I was told that HM Revenue & Customs had passed on to Jobcentre Plus information that in 2010/11 over £800 interest accrued on a Co-operative Bank a/c registered at my address that I had not told them about — and that I knew nothing about. The really great thing was that I had a friend with me from Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group and so I did not fall to pieces as I would have done otherwise and my accompanist was so brilliantly practical that after I had signed a statement that I had never had a Co-operative Bank a/c, she said to me, "How about walking to the Co-operative Bank branch along this street and enquiring there, rather than doing everything by post?" and so we got a letter of confirmation from that branch stating that according to their records no such a/c existed, leading to a smile from the 'Customer Compliance Section' interviewer and a much relieved but still shocked me. But is the witch-hunt drive to uncover 'undeclared income', coupled with involvement of private companies on 'payment by results' in public service delivery leading to a state of 'guilty until proven innocent'?

Anyhow, on to Kate Belgrave's blog:

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