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Saturday, 17 January 2015

JobCentre performance targets and benefit sanctions

With the aid of jobcentre whistleblowers, BBC Radio 4 programme 'File on 4' will be addressing the matter of benefit sanctions and how Government is 'swinging the lead' in cutting the numbers of people unemployed and claiming benefits.
Benefit sanctions are supposed to be part of a system helping people back to work. But critics say they penalise the vulnerable and are among the reasons for the growing use of food banks. So how fair is the Government's system of withholding state payments for those who don't comply with welfare rules? Allan Urry hears from whistleblowers who allege some JobCentrePlus staff are setting claimants up to fail in order to meet internal performance targets. Why did a recovering amputee lose his benefits because he didn't answer the phone?
Reporter: Allan Urry Producer: Nicola Dowling.
The programme will be available shortly after broadcast.

A hint for emailing named BBC staff: The email addresses follow the pattern of
Fistname.Lastname AT bbc.co.uk

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  1. Comment received by email:

    "More than 50% of all Sanctions are overturned on Appeal;

    "challenge all sanctions and get your Member of Parliament involved." — L. Allen"