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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

WinVisible Self-Help Benefit Rights Sheet now available

From Women with Visible and Invisible Disabilities

Our updated & expanded
Self-help benefit rights sheet is ready!
Rights info and helpful suggestions about how to defend your  benefits, housing and other entitlements:
Council Tax    Bedroom tax
● People in private rented accommodation
● Universal Credit – is it coming in?
● Challenging benefit sanctions
● Sickness and disability benefits
● Debt advice
The best-known advice agencies mainly tell people how to comply with the new rules. Most don’t give us the information we need to fight our cases. The information here comes from sharing our practical experience with other grassroots groups, claimants, anti-poverty, single mums, tenants’ rights and disability campaigners, and a few lawyers bringing legal challenges.
This Benefit self-help rights sheet (and printable 18-page pdf attached to this email) is expanded from our 2013 self-help info. It was put together mostly through a huge voluntary effort. WinVisible put in many days on behalf of the community campaign for everyone’s entitlement and against “welfare reform”. Thanks to all the claimants, campaigners, advisers, lawyers who contributed their experiences, expertise and leaflets! 
Women who used the rights info say:
“I got a letter from Atos telling me not to come to the exam, I think this may be down to the MP's letter, ain’t that great, thanks it’s all down to your advice.”
“I actually did not get a form for ESA reassessment this summer, even though I had no confirmation of receipt of the letter we wrote.  It just didn't turn up and consequently I have been able to have a summer without hospitalisation for the first time in three years. So that is fantastic news and I am immensely grateful.”

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