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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

March for Homes, 31/01/2015

From Sarah Hatch of South London People's Assembly

You may by now have heard through the Radical Housing Network that Defend Council Housing and South London People's Assembly have called a London-wide housing demonstration: the March For Homes. We believe this is desperately needed to highlight the case for really affordable homes in London at a time when Council homes are being demolished and replaced by luxury flats, private rents are sky high and no-one on an average wage could possibly afford to buy a family home.

Our aim is to bring as many campaigns as possible together on one demonstration, putting the housing crisis at the centre of the political debate and giving confidence to all those fighting for housing justice. We want to unite public sector tenants with private sector tenants, trade unionists, housing workers and claimants all together on the March For Homes. We hope that by coming together it will help us to raise the confidence of all and at the same time demonstrate that government policy, not benefit claimants or migrant workers are to blame for the housing crisis. This will be a welcome intervention during the run up to the general election.

Our demands will include:
  • Stop demolition of quality council homes
  • Control Rents
  • Cut rents not benefits
  • End Bedroom Tax and welfare caps
  • Secure tenancies for all
  • Build new council houses

The details of the march are:
Assemble 12 midday Saturday 31st January
St Mary’s Churchyard, Newington Butts,
SE1 6SQ (Elephant and Castle tube/rail)
March to City Hall

We are asking everyone who can to support the march on the day, and also in the run-up by helping us spread the word about it. Any supporting campaigns can be included on our website and the flyers, which will be updated with each print run, so please let us know if you would like to be included.

In addition, if you know of any campaigns or activists who we might not have reached, please share this information with them.

If you have any suggestions or questions or would like to get involved in organising the march please get in touch with myself, or Tanya at Southwark DCH (southwarkdch@gmail.com).

Best wishes,
Sarah Hatch
Secretary, South London People's Assembly
Swheatie notes: both sides of the Thames are on the agenda of global investors. North & South London unite?

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