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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Claimant count and electoral wipe-out

From Steve Donnison of Benefits and Work Publishing

Fight for the truth

The government may have silenced much of the voluntary sector, but you can play your part in silencing the DWP’s worst lies and spin in the run up to the election. The fantastic Full Fact charity have until 27 February to raise £25,000 to fund a six week, 18 hours per day election fact-checking project.
If you can make a small donation or simply tweet, blog and email details of their fundraising campaign you could maConservative majority versus claimant count, Carlisleke a real difference to how many lies are told about claimants in the run-up to the election. Full Fact are already well over halfway to their funding target in less than a fortnight.

And, finally, a visual reminder that claimants are far from powerless – there are many seats that could be taken from the coalition by a small percentage of working age claimant voters.

This time we’re highlighting the constituency of Carlisle.

Good luck,
Steve Donnison

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