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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Jobcentre called to order

Message supplied by Elephant Pam of Kwug

[Names may have been changed for confidentiality purposes.]

Hello Fellow KUWorms,

I received a phone call today from Indira, a lady we met at N.Ken weeks ago. She was updating me on her situation as I helped her fill an ESA form. Indira initially went to N.Ken to pick up this form but was refused one by the Security guard "I can't give you one you must get it online or phone for one. We don't give them here." A very distressed Indira heard the racket KUWG were making outside (CJ and Big Bertha again!) so she came out and told us. KateB and I went in asked for this form. The afore mentioned security guard asked who it was for, got a form, walked over to Indira and handed it to her. He seemed to have forgotten his own rule!

Indira and I filled it days later but we needed a fresh one without my errors and adjustments. So yesterday Indira went to pick one up. She met this same security guard. This time he had remembered his rule of NOT giving forms. Indira told him she knew they DID have forms and he COULD give them to people. He got angry. He told her he would NOT give her a form and she must leave the jobcentre or he would...yes you've guessed it...call the police! Indira began shouting that it was their duty to help the public by giving these forms and she would NOT leave. He shouted back if she did not go he would call the police. She shouted back "Call them so I can tell them I asked for a form and you won't give it even though you should!" He stood glaring. Indira persisted "Why aren't you ringing them? Shall I do it for you? I want the police here!" and to paraphrase the Elephant Man she shouted "I AM NOT A CRIMINAL!" (can't help thinking of Elephant M. as have massive stupid bump on forehead!).

 The manager Elizabeth came out asking what was happening? When told by Indira, Elizabeth asked the security guard (Dave) why he wouldn't hand over the form? Then she went to a cupboard, opened it, took a form and gave it to Indira who peered inside the cupboard and said "Look at all the forms here, these should be given to people, there are all kinds of them, why does he refuse?" Manager Elizabeth said he (Dave Security Man) is wrong to refuse. The manager gave Dave SM a good dressing down and then she tried to reassure Indira. Indira told the manager that some North Ken staff are not doing their duty which is wrong and people are being treated as though they have committed crimes when they need help, advice and guidance. The manager looked ashamed and said that the security should not behave that way and if Indira needed any help she should ask for the manager Elizabeth.

Before Indira left she decided to console Dave SM by asking him if it was his birthday a few weeks back as there were a bunch of people shouting outside with a loudspeaker. 

Elephant Pam x

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