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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

KUWG support of Tony Cox

Report and photo by Elephant Pam

We were beamed up to Scotland in solidarity with Tony Cox who was arrested at Arbroath Jcp for supporting a vulnerable claimant

CJ and I (Pam) arrived on time at Kilburn Jobcentre for 9.45 am. We spotted Marie approaching Kilburn JCP from the bus and we stepped off it running into Abby. Dude Swheatie came along shortly with his straight talking placards. Barry the photographer came. He interviewed CJ . CJ told Barry about the behaviour of Security guards on these occasions "they're 'orrible ",  oblivious to the fact that behind him, we had posed (illegally) on JCP property for photos. The Security guard came out to shoo us off the ramp, but we cheekily stayed put until Pauline and the other photographers had what they wanted. 

Needless to say the Security man was incandescent, but this time we put the O into 'orrible! 

We played and sang our song. Our audience  (Eva, Petros, Vera ) were amused to see us unsure which verse it was, but understood when I explained the song has 18 of them!
The photos I sent earlier were the ones I took on my phone and emailed to the Scottish Unemployed Workers Network just before 10am this morning. I'm sure they will be happy to hear from their cousins in London.

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