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Monday, 22 June 2015

Dude Swheatie of Kwug welcomes Kilburn Cllr John Duffy's Kilburn Calling blog

Dude Swheatie of Kwug welcomes Kilburn Cllr John Duffy's Kilburn Calling blog

While Brent Council officers are increasingly acting in the style of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four shape of how awful things can become, Cllr John Duffy (Labour) on Brent Council has launched a blog outpost named Kilburn Calling. (Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four that introduced the term 'Big Brother' was actually written back in 1948.)

Below is copy and paste of Dude Swheatie's comment responding to Cllr Duffy's blog piece
Kilburn councillor's attempt to represent residents thwarted by 'Big Brother' Brent officer action

Well said, Cllr Duffy!

The officers' attitude to South Kilburn residents reminds me of attituddes toward disabled peoples' empowerment within what has now become Jobcentre Plus within the Department for Work & Pensions [sic].

While on a period of 'Work Preparation' at Hendon College paid for by my [then Employment Service] Disability Employment Adviser in 1999 I asked my DEA for a copy of the Action Plan that I had agreed to so that I could be a truly active particpant in the programme, especially as the Action Plan would be relevant to the outcomes and review procedures. Her response was that all such paperwork involved was "confidential to the Employment Service and to the service provider. You can see a copy of the Action Plan in my presence, but cannot have a copy for yourself." Brilliant, especially as my disability involves short-term memory.

Disability charity Skill (National Bureau for Students with Disabilities in post-16 education) affirmed to me by emial that that practice was contrary to my information rights; and the College took such a different view of the matter from the Employment Service point of view that they sent me transcript notes based upon the Action Plan allowed participants and allowed participants to review the exit reports made of them and even propose amendments to the draft exit report.

That was 1999 and Skill closed in 2011 through starvation of funds. It seems to me that charities really need to be far more indepent from statutory funding to be enabled to continue informing, advising, guiding and speaking out for THEIR constituents. And we know what has happened to Government policy regarding disabled people since 2011, or at least I hope we do.

And re South Kilburn residents 'living on a building site' for nine years, and their having been told back in 1997 that things were going to get better for them, that has made them all the more vulnerable. Revd Dr Martin Luther King Jr warned of "the tranquilising drug of gradualism."

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