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Saturday, 8 February 2014

"Derail 'slash & burn' of 'austerity'" placard netted Kilburn Unemployed £20 street donation!

Derail 'Slash & Burn' of 'Austerity'
KUWG vs TfL station ticket office closures

Swheatie and Robin of the KUWG were at Willesden Green Station backing the RMT members' revenue strike last night from 6:30pm. As Robin handed out RMT leaflets about the reason for the current RMT industrial actions, Swheatie stood silently with the placard that shows common cause between those in waged work and those out of it when a suited gent aged perhaps between 40 and 50 stood near and said, "I quite agree!"

"I thought the man was saying that to someone on his mobile; but then he handed me a £20 note that I gratefully received for the KUWG." As the donor went on along his way, Swheatie and Robin [who had witnessed the donation] burst into laughter and Swheatie was much less silent as he attempted to control his voluminous laughter brought on by that unexpected consequence of a street demonstration.

At about 6:50pm Swheatie walked on to the home of another KUWG member, Giselle, who was playing back for the group two TV documentaries she had recorded,
  1. 'These Four Walls' from BBC4 [available until 9 Febuary on BBC iPlayer as per link] and
  2. 'The Big Benefits Row — Live' recorded from Channel 5 [available until 28 February from Channel 5 website as per link]
"That was also in Willesden Green," notes Swheatie; "and was the reason I was already mentally geared up to head out for the evening rather than spend a usual night in. Giselle is one of our solidarity members — not unwaged herself, but outraged at the lies and distortions that fuel a 'welfare reform' agenda that serves the interests of a global élite rather than social justice. And my new 60+ Oyster Card was a great enabler for that evening out at which the matter of the surprise donation became an 'upbeat' talking point."