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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Brent Housing Action calls for Brent residents' testimonies for a tribunal

A guest blog piece by Brent Housing Action about council collusion with those who privatise public services for profit at the cost of economically vulnerable people's misery. Heading and some links supplied by Swheatie of the KUWG's Internet searching, other links to follow from BHA.

"By their fruits shall they be known"

In March Brent Councillors will join with global financiers and politicians, multinational building firms, latifundista landlords, Housing Associations and just about any other group involved in land ownership or property — except tenants — for few days of sunshine and mutual backslapping in Cannes on the Cote d'Azur. Their excuse for meeting up on the beach is a conference called MIPIM. MIPIM is to housing what DSEI [Defence and Security Equipment International] is to the arms trade. It is a way to develop new strategies to divide up the globe and keep local populations under control.

Opposition to MIPIM amongst housing activist groups has been growing exponentially since the effects of this conference became plain in 1992. This year activists will hold those attending MIPIM to account: we will make them face a public tribunal which will present them with cases showing their greed and lack of concern for local residents.

Brent Housing Action are preparing a case against three of the groups attending: the Housing Association Genesis, Building Contractors Willmot-Dixon and, of course, Brent Council, who have used these two firms to devastating effect during the' regeneration' of the South Kilburn Estate.

If you are interested in contributing your thoughts on the regeneration please contact us at brenthousingaction@gmail.com.

We are particularly interested in speaking to the following groups:

1) Tenants who took legal action against the Council (as happened in Fielding House);

2) Tenants who were "decanted" (moved) out of the borough;

3) Tenants who were moved into inadequate housing, even if temporarily (this can include the new builds too!)

But we welcome any stories about the regeneration from ANYONE who has had the misfortune to live through the break-up of their local community.

Thank you.
Brent Housing Action

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