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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Rev Paul Nicolson - Refusal to state a case by Tottenham Magistrates

 Guest blog piece by Rev'd Paul Nicolson of Taxpayers Against Poverty. (Tottenham in Haringey is not Kilburn in Brent or Camden, but the same principles apply.)

Dear all, 

I have today sent [a] letter to the High Court asking them to order the Tottenham Magistrates to explain themselves!

I have also received the first approach from the bailiffs addressed to the "occupier" of my home address asking him or her to tell them where The Reverend Paul Nicolson has moved to!! 

It seems the council didn't tell them I still live here in Tottenham at .... two streets from Tottenham Hotspur. 

Sadly that happens too often with sometimes sad results when the wrong person intimidated into paying a tax or a fine they do not owe. 

I will not be paying the tax this year or next unless Haringey council increases the council tax for those who can afford it by the average of 86 pence a week to keep the 100% council tax benefit for those who cannot afford it, let alone the rent arrears due to the housing benefit caps. 

The single adult unemployment benefit of £71.70 will increase by only 70 pence a week on April 7th, due to the 1% pa freeze in benefit increases, adding to the food and fuel poverty experienced by many people in Haringey. 

Good wishes, 


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