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Thursday, 13 February 2014



Members, have you updated your January-to-December membership subscription yet?
KUWG £1 annual membership entitles you to free membership of Unite Community — usually £26 per year or 50p per week — on 'opt-in' basis.
  1. Gather as soon after 3pm as possible — NO LATER THAN 3:15PM — and appoint/select facilitator/chairperson and minute-taker — and consider whether to devote more time to guest speaker slot. Alan proposes that guest speaker slot with Kate Belgrave starts at 4:10 or 4:15pm after 4pm break, and that we attempt to get as much of the casework and group business done by 4pm as possible, although — 'supping at the same campaigning table' campaigns wise —.Kate's contributions to our non-guest speaker slots will be welcome and help to channel her contribution so as to be more diffuesed through the meeting..
  2. Present: — to be announced in both introductions and on attendance sheet. Please use block capitals.
  3. Apologies: Brian, Mandy, Marie
  4. Cases, Members' Wellbeing [and Career/Life Balance/self-promotional notices]
  5. Circa 4:10pm: Guest Speaker slot with Kate Belgrave
  6. Break around 4pm for 10 minutes
  7. Draft Minutes of group meeting held 6 February 2014 and any matters arising not addressed below.
  8. Reports and discussion of recent actions and current and emerging campaigns and KUWG finance:
    1. RMT strike update including Friday 7 Feb leafleting of Willesden Green Underground Stn
    2. Report back from 8 February London Coaliton Against Poverty General Meeting
    3. Report back from Monday 10 February Kilburn Jobcentre leafleting that was attended by Kate Belgrave and the KUWGAs [Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group Activits]. At 09:05 on Thursday 13 Feb, "407 people recommend" Kate's blog piece that she published on Tuesday 11 Feb based on her evidence-gathering from that occasion
    4. Social Work Action Network pamphlet launch: 'In Defence of Social Work: Why Michael Gove is Wrong' launch. Alan has 5 copies at £2 special launch price [usually £3] per copy to pass onto the group for £10 remittance. More copies available at special discount price for 20 or more.
    5. Saturday 15 February 'Welfare Action Gathering' .
    6. Ideas for Isle of Wight/Kilburn 'Summer Camp' exchange visit for campaigners
    7. Anti-Atos Day Wed 19 Feb stuff — including possible leaflet and consideration of 'how far we will go' in our actions and responses to how it is policed. Eg, if we are arrested in the morning, how will our afternoon demo fare?
    8. Workshop Planning update
  9. Guest Speaker slot with Kate Belgrave
  10. Finance issues. KUWG Secretary proposes that we devote £10 for 5 copies of Social Work Action Network pamphlet 'In Defence of Social Work: Why Michael Gove is wrong' a special 11 February discount price. See KUWG Diary for details.
  11. AOB, incl Cases (Pt 2), if necessary, and prompt exit by 5:30pm, with tables and chairs put back in storage space

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