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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Jobcentre staff union backs Anti-Atos Day

Public & Commercial Services Union website says:

Back the national day of action against ATOS

14 February 2014

We are supporting a national day of action against multinational ATOS and the work capability assessments.
The protests, supported by campaign groups Disabled people Against the Cuts (DPAC) and Black Triangle, on Wednesday (19th February), are aimed at the hugely unpopular work capability assessments, carried out by the French multinational.
We are backing these protests as part of our campaign against the coalition government’s welfare reforms.
ATOS has been rightly criticised for its poor performance, but is one of a number of private companies doing very well out of the outsourcing of government contracts.
Our members working for ATOS have no involvement in the Work Capability Assessment. In fact we are currently in dispute with ATOS over pay, which branches should be aware of already.


Branches are asked to advise members to show solidarity by visiting and giving support to the demonstrations. It gives PCS a chance to build alliances with community groups and activists. It also gives branches an opportunity to discuss the importance of building a broad alliance against government attacks on the most vulnerable people and make the point that if ATOS was not involved it would simply be replaced by another contractor.

A list of ATOS centres can be found here

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