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Monday, 10 February 2014

KUWG with Kate Belgrave at Kilburn Jobcentre

Placard for the Day

Placard: "'Austerity' the Quest'n, Slavery the Answer?"

Placard: 'Tescopoly Targets Tube Ticket Offices'

Just back from Kilburn Jobcentre leafleting with Kilburn Unemployed and journalist Kate Belgrave. There my latest displayed placard for the KUWG: "We're more angry than frightened" became my latest 'hit' with thumbs up from bypassers -- including a request from a young lady bypasser that she take my photo with improvised placard board -- and the former carrying box of a flat-screen computer monitor with a handle that I had attached it to became the Kilburn Unemployed's equivalent to the Chancellor of Exchequer's red briefcase that comes out on budget day.

Kate also 'snapped' me showing other, fresh off the presses, A3 placard messages yet to be backed up by cardboard:
  1. 'Austerity' the Quest'n, Slavery the Answer? and
  2. Tescopoloy Targets Tube Ticket Offices.
Kate's output from this morning will be published later. Meanwhile, note this latest piece on her blog at this time of posting.


PS: My head was so full of the "'Austerity' the Quest'n, Slavery the Answer?" placard that I kept forgetting that the placard I was displaying on my 'briefcase' read, 'We're more Angry than Frighted' rather than "'Austerity the Quest'n...." Thus it would have sounded strange when I referred to the inspiration for the 'Q&A' idea was a 1980's badge, 'If Maggie is the answer, it must have been a very silly question'.

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