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Friday, 7 February 2014

Bus stop names and the site that the bus stop is actually named after

"Oh, I am just another subway soldier — a brother in the fighting  underground. I ride around the city with my ears and eyes on fire and a straight line where my mouth once used to be found." — David Buskin, 'Morning Glory', as sung by Mary Travers

The latest posting on Martin Francis' 'Wembley Matters' blog, Wall of Shame around Kensal Rise Library as developer annexes community asset reminds me of my journey from Hammersmith to Brent Cross on a 266 bus on Wednesday.

When the talking bus announced 'Willesden Green Library' I was reminded that the Willesden Green Library site had apparently been made subject to 'redevelopment'. And who knows what is actually going to happen to that site eventually as 'austerity' cuts demanded by the troica and latched onto by a Cabinet of millionaires as their licence to privatise public services?

But of course, the likes of IDS that Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group formed an unofficial welcoming committee for in his drive to further 'Universal Credit' probably never really use public transport. Talking bus insists in response to bus overcrowding, "Move down inside the bus, please..." That might lull some people into a sense of false security as they are numbed into losing touch with their feeling responses. The information blackout as to what the tube strikes are actually about might help ensure that those who drive privatisation get their way and those who use public services will lose their bearings if they continue in a robotic, unthinking trance of allowing the bus to be turned into a sardine can.

(Anyhow, at yesterday's KUWG business meeting, all present voted to support the tube worker's dispute, which is to protect every job (whether individuals opt for redundancy or not)

Comments received by e-mail:

From Martin Francis

Other bus stop names now gone include Brent Town Hall, Neasden Library and will soon, if ARK gets its way, Copland School.

From Ben Duncan, Media Officer for London's Green Party MEP Jean Lambert

Thanks for this Alan
It's a very interesting argument, but I think a bit hard on the EU.
I don't think, for example, the 'troika' has any role in demaanding 'austerity cuts' in the UK, rather that their role is limited to those countries that have had some sort of EU bail-out. You may find this from the Green MEPs of interest: http://www.greens-efa.eu/euro-crisis-response-10897.html
I hope that helps.

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