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Friday, 28 February 2014

Are Atos worried about loss of 'Work Capability Assessment' contract? Or should you be more worried?

It could be you/your confidential medical data that they get to process!!!

Thanks to Helen1 of the KUWG for flagging this up.

You may have heard about the wrangle between the Department for Work & Pensions and Atos about the failings of the 'Work Capability Assessment' and whether the Atos axeman should be axed to give way to other companies such as Crapita, or whether it is more within Atos' interests to break the contract first.

But check out this Computer Weekly item and note that Atos is being put in charge of confidential medical data relating to a larger field of the UK NHS population! So, it could be you/your confidential data that Atos gets put in charge of!!!
"The [care.data] scheme proposes to upload all patient records from GP surgeries and hospitals into a central database, to be used for medical research by the NHS and private companies."
Q: How has Atos previously handled [or not handled] the ESA50 forms people have sent them?

A: Let Sue Marsh explain:
Mail to Atos Healthcare is opened as part of the DWP's ... Before we even get to the stage where you send the ESA50 back and it's opened by a Royal Mail ...

So, if you would like to opt out of the 'GP data extraction' project', what can you do?



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