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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Winvisible write: Dear friends, please spread the word!

Friday 21 February 9.15am

Come to the Vigil:

Judgement on appeal vs the bedroom tax –

disability discrimination

Vigil 9.15am – called by Disabled People Against Cuts, Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation,
with Single Mothers’ Self-Defence, Taxpayers Against Poverty, WinVisible, others.
Royal Courts of Justice, Strand (off Kingsway), London WC2A 2LL
9.55am – judgement in Court 72 – “case of M.A”
  •  Five disabled women and men challenged the disability discrimination that cuts our Housing Benefit if we can’t “downsize” or need extra room. They include Charlotte Carmichael of Southport, Merseyside, who is unable to share a bed with husband Jayson.  
  •  Other bedroom tax challenges – by separated parents who need room for their children, domestic violence survivors rehoused with special security -- are on hold, and could be affected by the result. 
  • Before this came to the Court of Appeal, disabled children won exemption; Steven Bottrill, son of grandmother Stephanie Bottrill who tragically killed herself, fearing losing her home, found out she should have been exempted under regulations for long-standing tenants!
  • Judgement in the separate appeal against the total Benefit Cap is still to be announced. The Cap is even more harmful than the bedroom tax and is trapping women and children in violent relationships. Sign Women Against Rape’s petition to Scrap the Cap NOW. 
More info: 020 7482 2496.

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