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Monday, 29 June 2015

Global markets thriving on global warming and linked disasters

Naomi Klein wrote 'The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism' that was published in 2007. An analysis of that book can help us understand trends that accelerated in the UK dramatically from the 2010 General Election, and also gives a keen understanding of what gloval financial institutions are doing to the Greek economy. See M. Magazine Review: The Shock Doctrine.(1)

Naomi Klein's latest book looks at the links betwen global warming and disaster capitalism's lust for creating shortage. Red Pepper magazine review of 'This Changes Everything'.(2) And as it seems that to me that the increased warmer weather trends in the Meditteranean are toward the 40deg C tipping point that could lead to what some climate scientists call 'tipping point', I tought of looking up the current temperature in that land that is in economic crisis.

While I've not found that yet, I have found this report of Caribbean-wide drought.(3)

No doubt there are forces at work in the global financial institutions that use another country's debt crisis as a cue for the financial institutions to turn from 'creditors' to predators. They will probably be rubbing their hands with glee at what is going on in the Caribbean and they themselves will be drinking their gin with bottled tonic water.

And nationalist organisations around the world that are funded by financial institutions will say that a rise in immigration is a root problem rather than a consequence of ever worsening global warming.

Meanwhile, the ambient temperature in my South-facing one-roomed flat has recently reached 27deg C (80deg F) even at night, making it difficult for me to get to sleep and worsening my health.

Notes — all links below were accessed today

(1) http://www.naomiklein.org/reviews/ms-magazine-review-shock-doctrine

(2) http://www.redpepper.org.uk/change-or-be-changed/

(3) http://uk.weather.com/story/news/major-drought-hits-caribbean-20150629

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