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Friday, 14 August 2015

Brent Council's 'stonewalling until complainants give up'

Former LB Brent Human Resources Director Cara Davani left Brent Council's employ under very shadowy circumstances, and some locals have been asking questions about amounts and reasons for severance payment, while Brent Council has maintained an insistence that the public has no right to know, it's all confidential between employer and ex-staff member. Brent Council: Same two questions — why no answers? (1)

Guest blogger on the Wembley Matters blog asks for people who agree that local residents have a right to know such matters not only leave a comment, but also ask their local councillors to raise questions on these matters. (2)

So I have left my comment on the blog piece: (3)
My understanding re the amount of any payoff is that when a CEO leaves, say, a major bank, the amount becomes public knowledge. Maybe that is in the interests of 'keeping shareholders on board' as it indicates some 'transparency'.

Brent Council, in proferring 'confidentiality' as grounds for not disclosing the amount of any such payment to Ms C Davani, seems to me to be saying, "Council Tax payers have no right to know how much of their money is lavished on former staff in such settlements.

I shall forward link to this blog piece to Kilburn Unemployed group members so that those who live in LB Brent can add their comments.

Dude Swheatie of Kwug


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