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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Is it not high time that Welfare Reform Minister David Freud was punished for gross negligence?

By Dude Swheatie of Kwug

Referring to the 'fake quotes' on Department for Work & Pensions sanctions promotion literature, Work & Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has said that those quotes were meant to be anonymised from genuine cases and that the staff involved in the misquoting will be disciplined.(1)

But if this alleged improper interpretation of Government orders is true, and it be any more heinous a crime than the DWP's negligence that has arguably led to a great many claimant deaths?(3) Maybe a real issue here is that when those most responsible for the policies and practices that prove publicly unacceptable when revealed are found out, they shift the blame to those who follow their orders on the grounds that those orders were [allegedly] not carried out properly?

And what of the architects of many of the nasty changes that have really screwed disability benefit claimants? I am referring most specifically here to
  1. investment banker turned Tony Blair's 'welfare reform guru' turned Tory Welfare Reform Minister David Freud and
  2. dodgy American health insurance company Unum that has been 'advising' successive UK governments on 'welfare reform'/privatisation of the welfare state since at least the mid-1990's.
Some of my charges against those are outlined by way of my blog comments on Kate Belgrave's blog piece If government is so obseessed with "helping" disabled people, why did it close the Independent Living Fund?(4)


(1) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-34038928
(2) Eg, http://www.disabilitynewsservice.com/?s=esa+claimant+deaths
(3) http://www.katebelgrave.com/2015/08/if-government-is-so-obsessed-with-helping-disabled-people-why-did-it-close-the-independent-living-fund/

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